Certified Folder Display Service, Inc.

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Certified Folder Display Service, Inc.

Physical Address: 3015 W. Railroad St. Ste. #7 Missoula,MT 59808

Local Phone: 406-728-7911

Fax: 406-728-7995

Visitor Marketing

Our most popular plan designed to reach both visitors and business people while they are traveling! Display racks are located in high traffic locations including hotels, motels, car rental offices, visitor centers, airports, chambers of commerce, restaurants, RV parks, campgrounds, and military bases. Whether you need to reach visitors in a particular city, state or region, this program allows you to select, target, and saturate your market! Options available for both brochure and publication distribution. Over 21,000 locations available!

Sports Marketing

Connect with sports-oriented individuals through distribution at major sporting goods stores or ski shops. This time-proven and effective program allows you to reach your best prospects year-round or seasonally (winter or summer). During winter months, this program is ideal for promoting ski resorts, lodges and condominium rental services. In the summer, program emphasis changes to whitewater rafting, fishing, camping, and outdoor adventure. Options available for both brochure and publication distribution. Over 900 locations available.

Super Sites:

Select high-traffic locations are now available for distribution of your brochure or publication on an individual location basis! These locations include major airports and visitor information centers. At each location, display racks are positioned for maximum exposure. Most locations are serviced 2-3 times per week; some receive daily service. Current airport locations include Seattle, San Jose, San Diego, Orange County, Ontario, Burbank, Missoula and Vancouver.


Year-round distribution and display of brochures and magazines at major airorts throughout the West! Our well-trained staff services each Certified display rack personally, as often as five times per week, to assure your publication will always be on display.