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Anglers love the Flathead Valley. New anglers, children and fishing experts all will find plenty of choices for casting and catching. Flathead Lake and the North, Middle and South forks of the Flathead River are famous for their abundance of fish, but off the beaten path, many smaller lakes and streams offer excellent fishing opportunities as well.

The smaller spots are good for introducing children to the rewards of fishing. Don't know how to fish? A professional guide can teach you and your family the best ways to fish - and the best places, too. A professional can also teach you how to identify different fish species, how to "catch and release" safely, and many other valuable tips you can use for a lifetime of rewarding fishing.

Lion Lake, one mile from the town of Hungry Horse (just off U.S. Highway 2 on the way to Glacier National Park), is just one example of an easy-access lake that's perfect for taking children on their first fishing trip. Rainbow and west slope cutthroat trout are plentiful here, and the lake is open for fishing year-round. The daily limit is 10 trout.

Experience Montana fly fishing at its best in Glacier National Park, the Bob Marshall Wilderness and the National Forests, where you'll enjoy some of the world's finest scenery while you cast your line. You don't need a license to fish in Glacier National Park. To fish elsewhere, you can purchase a fishing license at most sporting goods stores and marinas. Some convenience stores also sell licenses.

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